Mr. Bradley Roberts MP, PLP Member of Parliament for Grants Town and a major critic of the FNM Government on Clifton Cay, gave a major and detailed address in the House of Assembly during the debate on Clifton. Mr. Roberts excoriated the Government over its behavior on Clifton. Following is the text of Mr. Roberts’ address.


Madame speaker, I rise on behalf of the concerned constituents of Grants Town and likewise all Bahamians the length and breadth of the Bahamas to contribute to this debate on the proposal to return the Clifton Pier property to its former owner that was acquired by the Bahamas Government.


Madame speaker, it is of importance for me to note that Bahamians across the country and the political divide are questioning which Member for North Abaco will they be dealing with today as a result of this debate? Madame speaker, are they dealing with the duplicitous Member for North Abaco that said on June 17, 1999 in a Nassau Guardian article that, “The government has no difficulty approving Clifton Cay? (show newspaper article)


Or Madame speaker, are they dealing with the schizophrenic Member for North Abaco that said in the Tribune article of February 25, 2000 that he in effect is prepared and ready to, “wash his hands of Clifton?” (show article)


 Which one Madame speaker are the people expecting to hear from today? I suspect that the very fact that we are debating a resolution to return the land to its former owner, the Member for North Abaco will stick to his schizophrenic statement of February 25, 2000. In effect finding the Bahamas with having direct involvement in the Holy Bible by us now having our own Pontius Pilot.


Madame speaker, this debate that we are engaging in today, when assessed in the eternal and unapproachable light of God, will turn out to have been a debate that will either send a righteous message from the government that will please the masses of the people, or it will be a message of infamy sent by this government that will cause despair, agony and disenfranchisement for the masses of Bahamians.


I say that Madame speaker, because this debate is only worthy of each government member speaking from his or her conscience on behalf of their constituents to a subject that has deep-rooted implications both psychologically and physically to each Bahamian. Madame speaker, it would be most inappropriate for any government member in this place, to choose to absence themselves from this debate because they cannot speak their conscience.


Therefore Madame speaker, it should be expected that each member of the government speaks to this debate with the freedom of not following this one- man government’s line of politics. Anything less than that will be tantamount to betraying and selling out the constituents that they have been sent here to serve and relinquishing what little dignity they may have left as government officials who are dictated to by their leader, while reducing their ability to see God with confidence on that inevitable day that they must face Him.


Madame speaker, as a corollary to this debate on the Clifton Cay Resolution, I wish to draw to the attention of this House that it was former-Justice Jeffrey Thompson, former PLP Cabinet Minister who in 1998 drew to my attention that the pavilion on Southern Recreation Grounds had fallen into disrepair.


 I informed Mr. Thompson that the Southern Recreation Grounds was not in my constituency, but it was just on the border of Grants Town. I however informed him that I would immediately bring the matter to the attention of the Minister of Works, who at that time was the Member for Mt. Moriah.


Madame speaker, the good Minister responded and work did commence. The roof was taken down and no further work to restore the historic pavilion was ever further executed. Madame speaker, I reminded the Minister on several occasions and although he never said it, I got the impression that monies were paid and the work was not completed.


Madame speaker, that kind of event is not unusual under this FNM Administration. I mention this Madame speaker because my late great-grandfather, Earnest Lenkard Bowen who was a member of this place in the early 1900’s was a part of the committee appointed by this House, that was involved in the establishment and operations of the Southern Recreational Grounds. The politics of the 1950’s can be said to be of recent vintage.


Madame speaker, during the days of the early 1950’s the popularity of the Southern Recreation Grounds was world acclaimed, as many international and national luminaries of that time period gave spine tingling speeches to the masses regarding the signs of those times. Madame speaker, such persons as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and Congressman Adam Clayton Powell were some of the dignitaries from abroad that spoke to the masses from those grounds.


 Likewise Madame speaker, many of our own historical giant’s took the podium at the Southern Recreation Grounds to address the masses. Those that come to mind are Clarence A. Bain, Sir Milo, Sir Lynden, Sir Cecil, Sir Orville, Paul Adderley, Arthur Foulkes and even spiritual superstars such as Reverend’s H.W. Brown and Philip Blackburn.


Madame speaker, you will note that one of the persons mentioned is the present Governor-General, the father of the former- Minister of Works, who obviously in his own wisdom, or lack of any, must have concluded that the historic site at the Southern Recreation Grounds is of no significance to him which may represent the thinking of the good doctor, the Member for North Abaco and the other pitiful followers in his Cabinet.


 If the government decides to restore the pavilion at the Southern Recreation Grounds, I am certain that the present Minister of Works will have great difficulty in participating in the restoration of that historic site, because of the perennial history of those of his ilk seeing the value of Bahamian property, in the context being only if by some means they can acquire it.


Madame speaker, here is the point in my mentioning the Southern Recreation Grounds as a corollary to what we are debating here today; if one cannot appreciate the historical significance of the Southern Recreation Grounds and it’s pavilion, it should come as no surprise that this FNM Government cannot appreciate the historical significance of the Clifton Pier property.


Madame speaker, I have no hesitation in saying that for the most part, the older Bahamian in the community of Grants Town and the rest of the Bahamas, understands and appreciates the importance of what took place during the early and mid 1900’s at Southern Recreation Grounds. And I likewise Madame speaker, dare say summarily that they and the younger heritage advocate’s understand the importance and significance to the Bahamian history and culture of Clifton Pier. All understand except this one-man government, Madame speaker, despite his pitiful attempt to convey to the contrary.


 It seems the only history this government understands is the infamy of placing an undesirable person on Bahamian currency. Madame speaker, this government understands the historical significance of pandering to the infamy of special interest groups regarding our currency, but they ignore the historical significance of the indigenous Bahamian’s land. This is ludicrous and a classic case of tortured logic.




Madame speaker, in turning to the background on Clifton Pier, I am reminded of the understanding by all cultures of people, as to why the Jewish race guards very jealously over their heritage and culture. The procurement and preservation of anything of Jewish origin is promoted by the Jewish race because of the Jewish holocaust in Europe, wherein 6 million Jews lost their lives.


 Madame speaker, with this accepted fact, it is disgraceful that this government who has as its majority a black electorate, would ignore the historical significance of Clifton Pier, when we know that all of the inhabitants of that site were the Lucayan Indians, others known as Loyalists, and Africans who survived the journey from Africa on slave ships, wherein millions died in the middle passage of the Atlantic Ocean during this journey.


 Madame speaker, six million Jews unfortunately died in the holocaust and they as a race have never forgotten it, nor will they let anyone else forget what happened to them. But this government is prepared to murder the history and heritage of a race, their own race for the most part, that has as a history the loss of millions of lives.


Madame speaker, out of every 100 Bahamians, 85 of them had ancestors that came from Africa as slaves by way of slave ships from the African continent and others came by way of travel from the American colonies during the late 18th and early 19th century.


 After the war of the 18th century, those that we know as the 15% of white Bahamians came from Europe by way in most cases through America. Which should put to rest what the Member for Long Island said last week in his Communication On Privilege when he claimed that his ancestors came on the ships from Africa like my ancestors did.


 Madame speaker, the member may have had a few ancestors on those ships, but certainly he wouldn’t identify with them if they were in the hole in the bottom of the boat like my ancestors were. He possibly was referring to some of his ancestors, if any existed, that were a part of the administration of the ship’s affairs.


Madame speaker, the relevance of Clifton Pier to the Bahamian majority, can be found on the property in the form of slave cabins, kitchens, plantation walls and of course the ruins of slave master, William Wylly’s house, which is inclusive of many other artifacts and structures that are a reminder of our history during that period which has shaped for the better or the worst, the minds of most black Bahamians.


Madame speaker, we also know as an historical reality that the ocean’s edge is a part of the Clifton Pier Site, the area at which our ancestors were thrust into a bathing basin by slave masters to be washed with fresh water in effect removing the grime and the rigors of having traveled, so to speak, as “sardines in a can” across the middle passage of the Atlantic Ocean.


 But Madame speaker, that is not all of the saga of Clifton Pier and yet even what we know today is not the entire story because as long as the property for the most part, remains intact, discoveries can and would still be made.


Madame speaker, notwithstanding that some Bahamians would rather have the majority of us remain ignorant by believing that the Lucayan Indians were not considered our ancestors and thereby absolving mixed Bahamians of their ancestors complicity in the slaughtering of Indians who previously occupied the entire Caribbean, the fact of the matter is that all persons of color are considered to have as their origin, the mother country of Africa.



 Madame speaker, that being a reality, the Clifton Pier Site was also a place where Lucayan Villages found its beginnings right up to the time that the Europeans, starting with Columbus plundered this land, which is something that the Member for Long Island can more easily and comfortably connect with. Madame speaker, the remains of these villages were recently discovered by consultants hired by the FNM Government.


 Those consultants have informed the FNM Government that, “the sites still preserved at Clifton may represent the last opportunity to learn about the daily lives of people who first made the Island their home. It is our professional opinion that no single property in the Bahamas should contain as many equally significant, prehistoric and historic cultural resources as are located on the Clifton Plantation property.”


Madame speaker, that is what the consultants hired by the government said in its report of January 2000 and in spite of that and many other things concerning Clifton Pier, this government still attempts to draw infamy unto itself by moving full speed ahead and through the back door to obliterate the historical site known as Clifton Pier, by turning it into a residential area named Clifton Cay.


 Madame speaker, I say through the back door because we know that returning the property to its former owner does in fact allow the owner to sell it to whomever it wishes, but we should not forget that the one-man National Economic Council of this one-man government has already given approval in principle the proposed developer.



Madame speaker, this is just a back door way for this government to still achieve its originally desired results, by way of what they consider to be the path of least resistance, by ultimately telling us that it is unBahamian to refuse a land owner the right to sell their property.


 I advise all Bahamians to remember that this member told you that, because that is what they are setting up today and that is what they will say. Madame speaker, it makes one have to seriously wonder if the conclusive report of the government’s consultants on Clifton Pier, only motivated this government to make sure we have no memory of our past, by obliterating what does exist of it by way of building a gated-community site.



 Madame speaker, this project is just another facet of this government’s plan to ensure that the more intelligent and proactive Bahamians of the future, never have any knowledge of our real history, thereby being forced to continue in the building of this society on the false premise that special interest groups have always been and continue to have a right to be the owners of this society and its people.


 Madame speaker, I charge this government with conspiring to commit historical genocide on the Bahamian masses with this devious plot to rob the majority of Bahamians of their culture, their norms, the knowledge of self and their heritage. In this matter of Clifton Pier and the government’s ruthless decision to use the Parliament’s time to force a resolution down the throats of Bahamians, it brings to mind only one word to sum up this whole affair—criminal.


Madame speaker, there are many things that are attached to the heritage of Clifton Pier and the unfortunate heritage of slavery in this country. Madame speaker, not every memory of Clifton Pier and slavery can be found in the ruins that remain and those yet to be discovered. There are also real human life heritage that needs to be told, because the fact of the matter is that we have for too long refused to educate ourselves and others about the times of slavery, which in some instances mirror what is happening today.


Madame speaker, it is time that we teach as a matter of priority, what the slave experience was like in order for us to bring down those strongholds that still occupy our lives today, as a result of being passed down to us whether of slave or slave master heritage and mentality.


Madame speaker, one such story, that I seriously doubt many of us know about, has special significance in that it played a part in the abolition of slavery, which ended in 1834. Madame speaker, it is a story about slave owners in 1827, named Henry and Helen moss, whose ancestors is bekieved to have been one of the former owners of Clifton Pier. These slave masters were living in Great Hope Plantation, Crooked Island when they were convicted and imprisoned for excessive cruelty to Kate a slave girl.


 Madame speaker, that was the thinking at that time, that some cruelty was okay, but excessive cruelty was going a little bit too far. You see Madame speaker, we must know our history otherwise as we can see today to some extent, we would be doomed to repeat it.


Madame speaker, this story of the slave girl Kate, as found in the Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society (1998), has great importance because her plight got the attention of abolitionists in England, who then publicized her case which in turn gained support for the abolition of slavery. That is a part of our history Madame Speaker, the fact that we made world history, albeit out of sad circumstances, that in turn helped put an end to slavery.


 That Madame speaker, is why we need to teach our history in the schools, to bring some dignity to our people, who during that time suffered under the most terrible of circumstances. If we don’t teach these things Madame speaker, I fear we will repeat them because we are already well on our way in that direction with this FNM Government.


Madame speaker, let me tell you briefly the story of Kate. Madame speaker, the slave plantation that Kate was subjected to was a plantation granted to George Gray in early 1791. Gray was a doctor in Nassau until his death in 1817. He sold the property to James Menzies in 1792, who also bought all the adjoining land grants, eventually totaling some 1,770 acres.


Madame speaker, the land changed hand many times and then it was sold to one Henry Moss. Moss was the nephew of James Moss, and already lived on Crooked Island, out of this acquisition arises the story of a girl called “poor Black Kate,” who was a 16 year old domestic slave, or as some would call it and as many in this place can identify with, a house Niggress. Kate refused to mend her clothes and do her work.


On July 22, 1826, she was confined in the stocks and was not released until August 8th, a period of seventeen days. The stocks were constructed so that she could not sit up or lie down comfortably and she remained in them night and day.


She was also flogged repeatedly, Madame Speaker, and red pepper was rubbed in her eyes to prevent her sleeping. On one day of Kate’s imprisonment she complained of fever. When she was taken out of the stocks she was cramped, but was again flogged and sent to labor in the fields.


Madame speaker, on the evening of the third day after her release, she was brought before Henry and Helen Moss for refusing to work, and she again complained of having had fever. They did not believe her, but told the driver to bring her to them for medicines in the morning if she was ill.


Madame speaker, the driver took her to the slave village and flogged her again. In the morning she was taken to work in the fields where she died at noon. Madame speaker, the Grand Jury refused to hand down an indictment for murder, but did hand down indictments for misdemeanors for cruelty to a slave.


Madame speaker, the trial of Henry and Helen Moss was held in Nassau in February 1827. Henry and Helen Moss were found guilty, fined 300 pounds and sentenced to 5 months in the common jail in Nassau. Madame speaker, despite petitions for their release sent to London by their supporters, they apparently served their jail time, although they were given personal cells and special treatment not accorded common criminals. Today however Madame speaker, some don’t even see jail.


Madame speaker this are one of the many stories, albeit sad, that needs to be told to show Bahamians the majesty of Kate, in refusing to bow down to her masters and the circumstances. But what I need clarified today is Madame speaker, whether there are any Kate’s in this FNM Government who will stand up against what they know is wrong.


Madame speaker, I recognize that there are many Kate’s in the government who are only experiencing the slavery side of the story, but what I need to know and what the Bahamian people need to know is, are there any Kate’s in the government who are prepared to stand on what they believe, even if it cost them their political lives, so they can help positively shape the future history of politics and governance in this country?


Madame speaker, I can say with relative surety that in the sense of a Kate that will stand fearless on principle, there is only one and possibly two members of this government that I believe will do so, and they are the Member for Shirlea and I hope my representative, the Member for Delaporte. Outside of that Madame speaker, the real Kate would have to come down from Heaven and point out those in the government who have her spirit.    




Madame speaker, as I understand it the sequence of events relating to the current proposal to develop Clifton Pier, started with a newspaper article in the April 28, 1998 edition of the Tribune, the byline was, “Town meetings considered on controversial Clifton Cay development.”


Madame speaker, the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Miss Theresa Butler said that, “government is considering holding town meetings to give the public an opportunity to express their views on the proposed Clifton Cay project. Ms. Butler said the matter is being considered because of the great interest expressed in the proposed development.


Madame speaker, the article also said that Ms. Butler denied rumors that the application had been approved. The article continued by saying, “Brothers Jeff and Allan Waterus, Brian Sweeney and Tad Buchannon, all Canadians, are the principles pushing for permission to develop an exclusive $500 million residential complex. They are described as property developers in Canada.


Madame speaker the Tribune article continued, “the Clifton Cay area is of critical, historical and biological Importance according to the Bahamas National Trust. Trust members voted overwhelmingly on the resolution last week to preserve the area.”


Madame speaker, one of the investors, Jeff Waterus acquired the Catholic Convent on West Hill Street, which is located in the Grants Town Constituency and that Mr. Waterus had the historic building gutted without the necessary approvals.


Madame speaker, in this same Tribune article, Ms Butler in speaking to this matter said, “Jeff Waterus apparently received approval for one aspect of the project and incorrectly assumed he had permission to gut the building.” Madame speaker, Ms. Butler believed the incident was a genuine mistake and said, “Mr. Waterus is awaiting approval on his application to convert the Convent into offices and a gallery retail- restaurant.”


Madame speaker, that was more than two years ago and the former historic convent remains gutted. Why is this Madame speaker? Is Mr. Waterus one who has gotten rich off of the Clifton Cay deal and has just said the hell with anything else, thanks to the groveling and ingratiating behavior of this one-man government?


Madame speaker, I will in a moment, reveal who people like Waterus are and what role they played in us being here today engaged in what has to be an unGodly affair.


Madame speaker the sequence of events continued in March of 1998, when the operators of Stuart Cove Dive, South Ocean, prepared a list of 28 questions regarding the proposed Clifton Cay development. I wish to share some of those questions raised by Michelle and Stuart Cove:

(Read Cove Questions)

Madame speaker, on January 29, 1999 a notice from the Office of the Prime Minister and Department of Physical Planning notified of a town meeting.



Madame speaker, on February 9, 1999, in the Tribune there was an article that read, “Appeal for injunction can’t stop development at Clifton Cay,” Wells says. The article said in effect that former lawyer, Ortland Bodie last year (1998) asked the Supreme Court to declare Clifton Pier, Clifton Point and Clifton Cay, a protected national site under the provisions of the Antiques and Museum and Environmental Protection Acts.



Madame speaker, only with us knowing when Mr. Bodie got that lucrative job at the Housing Ministry that literally raised him up from the dust and ashes of his previous life, can we then determine how he feels now about what we are doing here today.


Madame speaker the sequence of events continue with





Madame speaker, the sequence of events also continued in what most would call a turn for the worse when Mr. Oswald Brown, Guardian Editor wrote in his column:






Madame speaker, in view of the cloak and dagger events surrounding this two year saga of Clifton Cay, coupled with the FNM Government’s continuous ad-nauseum pronouncements of the former government and many of its supporters being front men and bag men for foreign investors of dubious character, Bahamians have been asking for some time now, who are the promoters of this project called Clifton Cay?


Madame speaker, Bahamians are asking and rightfully so, are Chaffin & Associates the real promoters of this project? Madame speaker from as far as I can tell based on its public relations, Chaffin and Associates are a group of persons who have been given recommendations by Americans of some repute. Madame speaker, communications from American persons to this government about Chaffin & Assoc. are as follows:



Madame speaker, while it is commendable that the Americans would support their own citizens, the question still abounds as to whether the Chaffin Group was the original proposers of this project or were they thrust on us by someone else and leaving this government with only being able to pray to God that they are who they say they are?


Madame speaker, I say this because I have been advised that Chaffin and Assoc., the present proposers of this development were not the original people who came to the Government of the Bahamas in respect to the development of Clifton Cay.


 Madame speaker, the truth is that a couple of promoters came and sold the government a bill of goods, in order to promote the project. We now know that it was the Waterus Brothers, a Mr. Sweeney and a Mr. Buchannon. If some others preceded these persons, we have yet to know, Madame speaker


Madame speaker, in keeping with its concept that any non-Bahamian, who walks into the Cecil Wallace-Whitfield Building adorned with a coat, tie and briefcase; that person is automatically considered a bona-fide foreign investor.


 It was then that these same promoters got from the government of the Bahamas the authorization to develop Clifton Cay. They became Madame speaker on behalf of the government the authorized dealers for the Clifton Pier property to be turned into Clifton Cay, by whomever they could get to do it.


Having gotten that authorization Madame speaker, they then had something to sell and they approached the Bechtel Corporation and or their family members based in California.


 Madame speaker for these promoters it was a quick profit and probably the easiest money they ever made, by in effect selling the concessions granted to them by this government, even when there was no proof of their ability or commitment to in fact execute the massive undertaking of building what would be known as Clifton Cay.


 These promoters Madame speaker joined a long list of foreigners who generated for themselves great wealth through the generosity of this FNM Government. But why should we be surprised, Madame speaker? When it’s a known fact that with things belonging to the Bahamian masses, as the Clifton property does at this present time, this government has been scornfully ingratiating and liberal to whomever represents anything but what is Bahamian.


So once these promoters had the go ahead from the government to market our land, the Bechtel Group decided to get involved, but to do so on the conditions that another developer take the lead in the project. Why was that Madame speaker?


 Was the Bechtel Group concerned that such venerable and knowledgeable persons like Mr. Robert Kennedy Jr. would automatically be on their case because of their abysmal record in the US concerning projects and the environmental impact of such projects? Was Bechtal anticipating trouble so they put some other persons up front?


Madame speaker, enter Chaffin and Assoc. and the interesting aspect of this was that the Bechtel Corp. did not see themselves as fit and proper persons to finance the very same promoters whom the FNM Government gave the concessions to.


 So Madame speaker what is it that we really have here? We have the government being the front men for the Bahamian people because the land was held for us in governance; and they in turn engaged front men to sell the idea to someone who had the financing; but who for devious reasons decided themselves to use other front men to get the project done.


 Madame speaker, this is a classic case of deviousness wrapped up in a package of stupidity on the part of this Government. Everybody was fronting for every one else, while running for cover because of what they know was wrong about this whole affair. And I suppose Madame speaker, we likewise have some non-patriotic Bahamians also now running for cover since valiant Bahamians have decided that enough is enough concerning the giving away of our land.


Madame speaker, I found it interesting and disingenuous that Mr. James Chaffin in a statement which appeared in the Bahama Journal on March 22, 2000, under the headline, “Developer Attacks Christie” claimed, “We were invited here to be the developers because our reputation for environmental sensitivity and our commitment to excellence in the many successful communities we have developed.”


Madame speaker, in light of what I have just conveyed to this house concerning the events surrounding Chaffin and Assoc. coming here, the question is, did the government invite Chaffin, Light and Assoc. here; or were they invited by Fremont, the associate company of Bechtel? I believe the Bahamian people should know who invited whom to the Bahamas.




Madame speaker, the issue of available land for the inhabitants of a country has always been and will always be a source of sensitivity and contention if it appears that its government is insensitive towards this reality and goes about the peoples business as if the people have no rights to anything including their land.


 Madame speaker, the fact of the matter is and history will prove that more wars have been fought over land than any other issue in the existence of mankind. Countless millions of human beings have died in the pursuit of ownership or rights to land. And Madame speaker, there is no precedent for us to conclude that it cannot happen in this country.


Madame speaker in this regard I find it appropriate to quote from an article written by columnist Allyson Gibson in the Nassau Guardian of March 10, 2000, where she is dealing with the existing problem that Clifton Cay will only aggravate. Mrs. Gibson said, “Clifton Cay raises many questions including whether we are prepared to sacrifice at the altar of development (meaning money), our heritage and the ability of future generations of Bahamians to buy land in the Bahamas. We know that Clifton Cay means building our children’s future upon sand. What will they say of and to us.”


Madame speaker, the real problem of the limited amount of land for housing in New Providence and the cost of land for low income Bahamians, is not one that is going to go away because this government decides to give away land in lieu of jobs and bragging rights to a robust economy as far as the numbers show.


Madame speaker the proposed development of Clifton Cay, represents approximately 600 acres of land. The proposed gated-community is designed to accommodate some 600 plus upscale housing units, golf course and a marina. Madame speaker, I am familiar, as I’m sure others are in this Parliament with Pinewood Gardens, which like the proposed Clifton Cay, comprises some 600 acres.


Madame speaker, that subdivision has approval for 4,000 lots. It is easy therefore for one to compare the 2 projects that are similar in size. Madame speaker, some 20 years ago, a 3 bedroom, 1 bath-house in Pinewood attracted a price of some $38 to $39,000. Today that same size home in Pinewood can cost a price of $109,000. Madame speaker, a vacant piece of land in Pinewood sold for $3,900 twenty years ago, today the price is $22,000.


Madame speaker, we have limited amounts of land available in New Providence and what is available is prohibited to persons making less than $200 per week. Any reasonable thinking Bahamian should therefore appreciate the dilemma that a large number of Bahamians find themselves confronted with in their pursuit to own their piece of the rock and to eventually build a house of their own.


Madame speaker, likewise we now know that the problem’s associated with inadequate housing for Bahamians is evident in the dysfunctional aspects of this society. Madame speaker it is not happenstance that inadequate housing causes lackluster performances on the job, short spans of attention in the school system by students and deviant behavior on the part of many persons because they have no comfort in their homes, subsequently having no piece of mind and consequently breeding angry persons who turn to criminal acts because they feel that for them they have no appreciable stake in their own country. The only country they have.


 Madame speaker, when these circumstances are placed in juxtaposition to the government allowing any tom, dick or harry to come into this country and be allowed to prosper off the fat of the land and the blood, sweat and labor of the Bahamian masses, when in most cases they don’t live that well in their country of origin; one can adequately and conclusively see why mayhem and malice rules the day and night in this present Bahamas.


Madame speaker, selling off all of the land in the Bahamas to foreigners has a far more reaching effect than not having land for Bahamians to live on, even though that is tragic enough. It also means that Bahamians have nothing of tangible value to look forward to receiving from their days of toil and tribulation in this life. Madame speaker, Bahamians are becoming at an alarming rate, proverbial tenants in their own houses, and we know that most people who rent their living quarters do not have too much concern for what condition they leave the house in once they have gotten fed up with the landlord.


Madame speaker, I put this government and those foreigners who operate as if this government is the be-all and end-all to their prosperity in the Bahamas on notice that the reality is that the bloodiest of wars in history has been fought over land. It was the landless fighting to the death, the landlord.


 That Madame speaker, may not concern some at this point in the Bahamas’ development, but at some point if this trend continues, it will have to concern everyone, when all hell breaks loose. As unfortunate it is for me to have to say that, hopefully a word to the wise should be sufficient.






Madame speaker, the case to justify why Clifton Pier should not be developed as a gated-community by Chaffin & Assoc., or by any entity in this whole wide world, is contained in the Archaeological Reconnaissance and Test Excavations within the Boundaries of the proposed Clifton Cay Development Project, 1999.


Madame speaker, the report was prepared under contract for the Government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas by Professors Dr. Laurie A. Wilkie and Dr. Paul Farnsworth of the University of California at Berkley and Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, respectively. The date of the study is October 1999.


Madame speaker, included in this major study are the recommendations which are categorized as:

*No development alternative

*The limited development alternative

*The modified Project alternative

*Proceed as currently planned and the final thoughts from the study of Clifton Cay.

Madame speaker, there are many salient points that can be derived from the many correspondence concerning the viability of a gated-community on the Clifton Pier property. Those points are as follows:










Madame speaker, the member for North Abaco started out his contribution to this debate by saying amongst other things that the previous government did not proceed with the original plans for a container port at the Clifton Pier site because, “The study further found that a major port development would have significant ecological impact resulting in the destruction of significant parts of the off- shore reef.”


 Madame speaker, what in the studies and reports I have just referred to, makes that same destruction not an issue with a decision to uproot and obliterate the property by way of residential development?


Likewise Madame speaker, with the voluminous material available to the government and the Chaffin Group as I have just referred to, one can only wonder with grave suspicion why the government didn’t run these foreign shysters out of town when it became known that the first Environment Impact Assessment Study done by the Chaffin Group was by all accounts of the experts, seriously flawed and fraudulent?


Madame speaker, as if it wasn’t bad enough to submit a flawed initial environmental impact assessment, the Chaffin Group on December 22, 1998 wrote a letter to the Permanent Secretary at the Office of The Prime Minister in which they stated: (READ HIGHLIGHTED SECTIONS OF LETTER).


 Madame speaker, this clearly shows from the last excerpt that the Chaffin Group had submitted inconclusive reports that couldn’t pass the scrutiny of the experts, therefore causing them to do what they called a comprehensive study, which makes one have to wonder why they considered the first and faulty one likewise comprehensive?


 Likewise Madame speaker, one has to take a dim view at the sincerity of the Member for North Abaco, when on May 2, 1999, he chose to deliberately come to this Parliament and mislead the people, when in his speech on environmental enhancement he said, “there has been no reduced access to beaches in New Providence or Paradise Island, whether at Cabbage Beach, Delaporte, Caves Beach, Orange Hill or Clifton Cay. Indeed, plans are in train to make each of these beaches more user friendly with the introduction of organized parking and rest room facilities where possible.”


Madame speaker, this charade as pronounced by the Member for North Abaco, was first hatched and spawned in deceit as can be seen from the FNM’s Manifesto 1 and 2, where it states that an FNM Government will:

*Ensure that beaches and access to beaches are reserved for Bahamians while promoting development in the Family Islands. Where possible, reserve areas for green belts in New Providence and study the feasibility of establishing a central park.

*Reserve and provide access to beaches for the public and create family recreation centres at various sites, e.g., at Lake Killarney, where full recreational facilities will be maintained.


Madame speaker the FNM’s Manifesto 2 compounded these untruth’s by stating:

“The Free National Movement recognizes and appreciates that conservation and enhancement of the environment are critically important to the sustainability of the economy of the Bahamas and, hence, to the economic wellbeing of future generations.”

Madame speaker, the manifesto went on to say, “BEST is charged to develop a National Conservation and Sustainable Development Strategy, while initiating policies requiring environmental impact studies, review and evaluation of BEST, as a pre-requisite for all international development proposals, thereby putting in place an enhanced maintenance program for public parks, public cemeteries, road verges and public beaches throughout the country.”


Madame speaker, the FNM government vowed to in essence, “improve and finalize BEST guidelines for Environmental Assessment Impact processes and procedures and require that all major development schemes, whether by international or Bahamian investors, include environmental impact studies as a part of their application.”


Madame speaker, all of this the FNM Government has promised to the people and after eight years what have they received? All the people have received Madame speaker, is to have another gated-community rammed down their throats that not only reduces the already limited availability of land, but likewise promises to ruin the environment and bring harm to the national treasures at Clifton.


 All those lofty words in the FNM Manifesto’s and those of the Member for North Abaco, have come today to amount only to a resolution to return land back to its former owner, so that every precept they espoused in their Manifesto’s and their words would turn out to be too cheap even for the cheap paper it was written on.


 At some point Madame speaker, the rules of this place have to be adjusted, so that a person in this place can be called a pathological liar, when their actions are deliberate and obscene. Especially Madame speaker, when they come in this place and lie, about what they claim isn’t going to happen when at the time they say it won’t happen, it in fact is actually happening.


Madame speaker, the fact of the matter is that since the advent of the FNM Administration, we have witnessed at an alarming rate, the elimination of beach space and access to such spaces. Madame speaker, the government’s policies of forfeiting beach space in order to build gated-communities flies directly in the face of what we know has always been an inherent right of all Bahamians. It has always been a constitutional right and tradition for Bahamians to have access to beaches.


Madame speaker, it is no secret that the beachfront at Clifton Pier is one of if not the last substantial stretch of beach available in the New Providence thanks to this FNM Administration and its spiteful behavior towards anything that represents the masses.


Under these circumstances, Madame speaker, one has to wonder what kind of perverse mind would then seek to give up this last amount of beachfront, so investors could destroy the environment?


Under these circumstances, Madame speaker, what kind of scornful spirit would rather have a gated-community on the majority of the beachfront that we have left in exchange of a few hundred feet of beachfront being handed to us as if, someone feels sorry for our pitiful state and misdirected leadership?


Madame speaker, only a demon spirit sent directly from the devil to rule over our affairs would choose to give back land that we presently own to a previous owner, while knowing that the only quality beachfront left in New Providence will be lost to ordinary Bahamians forever. Clearly Madame speaker, the mindset of a person who would do this, lets Bahamians know in the most salient of terms that, if you allow enough time for the devil to do his thing, everything that belongs to Bahamians will be given away.


Madame speaker, there comes a time when politics of the day has no place in the affairs of a people where decisions affect every citizen and this situation with Clifton Cay represents that time.


Madame speaker, the Bahamian and non-Bahamian population has been growing by leaps and bounds in New Providence year after year. There is limited beach areas for recreational purposes available to residents of the Bahamas. Yet Madame speaker, this government has decided to give away a large stretch of public beach currently owned by the people of the Bahamas at Clifton Pier for the exclusive use of foreigners for their private frolicking.


Madame speaker, there can be no justification for this. And I don’t care how the Member for North Abaco fixes his mouth to say otherwise, or uses a cute approach to cover up infamy as he did during his contribution, history will not be fooled and will roundly condemn him and his cohorts. And to think Madame speaker, this is a government who is posing him as a man who has engaged in a decade of leadership, as we are witnessing his public relations puppets preparing to do tomorrow.


Yes Madame speaker, that is what they call him trusted leadership, a man who gives our precious and limited beaches away for the exclusive pleasure of foreigners, without batting an eye, nor showing any shame. Madame speaker, the people of the Bahamas can now see the Member for North Abaco for what he really is and has always been—a leader that cannot be trusted to protect the rights of Bahamians.


Madame speaker, it is interesting to note that the Member for Bamboo Town at a recent seminar for the New Life Christian Center said, “We have allowed too great a gap to develop between the extreme’s of our society. Further it is being said that the rapid expansion, without the benefit of planned human resource development, has caused a reliance on expensive and pampered expatriates. The presence of these expatriates serves to force the cost of property up and thus alienate Bahamians from ownership of land and home. What the people of the Bahamas deserves is leadership that is committed to the interest of Bahamians and leadership that places a high premium on planning and a shared vision for the future.”


Madame speaker, while I am sure that the Member for Bamboo Town is sincere about his thoughts, he inadvertently lends credence to this government’s ignorance as to why land for housing must be protected and Clifton Cay must be preserved for Bahamians to advance this culture.


That is why Madame speaker, the PLP has suggested that a national park be placed on the property we now own that is known as Clifton Pier. A national park would preserve the precious beachfront and offer the world an historical site for eternity that will speak to our great heritage. And for this government that believes Bahamians must always be hewers of wood and drawers of water, a national park will also provide jobs, quality jobs however, that will bring dignity to Bahamians and there willingness to uplift this nation.




Madame speaker, there has been a revolving pattern of behavior on the part of this FNM Government and its supporters to attack those persons in this society who give views of dissent to the wickedness of this government.


 Upstanding citizens have been attacked on numerous occasions by this government, attacks led foremost by the Member for North Abaco in his cowardly way of using the Parliament’s time and the extensive media coverage to do likewise, when in fact those under attack have no forum in which to respond in kind.


Madame speaker, the dissent against the Clifton Cay Project has found the Member for North Abaco at his nastiest and in this case, when he has run out of venomous steam, he’s even endorsed the nasty remarks of the developers, political assassins from his party and the deliberate censoring of the news at ZNS as well as the government station refusing to run any paid advertisements for the Coalition to save Clifton Cay.


Madame speaker, there is presently a self- serving view on the part of this government, that you Madame speaker have endorsed, that says the level of debate and decorum in this Parliament has sunk to such a low that the public is no longer able to view it from the comfortable position of their homes via television.


But Madame speaker it has been the patented behavior of the Member for North Abaco over his tenure in this place, that has in fact advanced the view that those who are vilified in this place have no choice but to retaliate in kind. I dare say Madame speaker, that in fact the vicious attacks on private citizens in this place by the Member for North Abaco is the prime motivation for how the rules of engagement in this place has changed.


Madame speaker, people are not prepared in this day and age to allow someone who they hired, to talk to them and about them from in front of a camera for the world to see, as if they are wheat only to be shredded. And so today it is, retaliate in order to protect oneself from the deliberate behavior of a perverse mind.


Madame speaker, this Clifton Cay project has found many private citizens under attack in this place. It was not too long ago that the Member for North Abaco stood in this place and accused The Coalition To Save Clifton Cay of having sponsorship from permanent residents who live in Lyford Cay as well as outside sponsorship from American diginitaries.


Madame speaker, the brassiness of the Member for North Abaco to accuse someone else of having outside sponsorship to conduct a campaign, when clearly he knows that outside sponsorship is the foundation for him being the maximum leader that he is today.


And on top of that Madame speaker one has to wonder, as one always does, if the Member for North Abaco was telling the truth because the leader for the Coalition produced documented proof showing where their funding has come from and what amounts. It then becomes a question of where is the Member for North Abaco getting his funding from to launch a sustained attack on anyone opposed to the Clifton Cay project.


But this type of behavior is nothing new for the Member for North Abaco, nor the desperadoes who serve at his pleasure. There were times Madame speaker, in the not too distant past were some other members on that side launched some of the most scurrilous of attacks on people in this place and at least some of them have learned their lesson because now they behave for the most part as if they are Nehemiahs and Bible-toting Esther’s. But that has been because of the attacks launched back at them.


But not the maximum leader of the FNM, he has continued in his repugnant style, Madame speaker, and now he’s broadened his style by allowing the proposed developers of the Clifton Pier property to attack the Leader of the Official Opposition.


Madame speaker, this government espouses and you Madame speaker have endorsed, the need to respect the authority of office, notwithstanding how one feels about the person occupying the office. But yet Madame speaker, Mr. James Chaffin launched a most vile attack on the Leader of the Opposition in a style that can easily lead one to believe it was choreographed by the master of vile attacks, the Member for North Abaco.


 Either he maneuvered it or those closet Bahamians involved in this project, who likewise how sway over this government maneuvered it. Certainly we know it was allowed.


Madame speaker, I have to conclude this based on the view that no rational thinking investor would choose to attack an Opposition Leader, who may at some point become the leader of a country, or even if someone from his party eventually becomes leader of the country, while this Clifton Cay project is either going on or has in fact been completed. For we know Madame speaker, that in the interest of the public, any government can acquire any property in the Bahamas at any time, no matter what is on it.


Madame speaker, that is what confuses me about this whole affair, that an investor would risk his proposed investment to engage in domestic politics of a country. This is truly confusing, unless of course we remind ourselves that this kind of behavior is synonymous with the actions of the arrogant Member for North Abaco.


Madame speaker, as if this was not enough, the maximum leader and his band of marauders, took a deeper plunge into stupidity, in sending one of his political nit-wit assassins to attack Mr. Robert Kennedy Jr., a conservationist known worldwide for his expertise and family success. In this vein the Member for North Abaco, his bosses and his bag-men promoters went full circle by attacking upstanding citizens of this country, the Official Opposition Leader and now a foreigner of worldwide status. And look who they sent to threaten by letter, to put Mr. Kennedy on the Stop List?


 A person, who many doubt that he knew about or even understood anything in that letter except his name, because we know that anyone in this modern age, must know at least how to write their names. And Madame speaker, we cannot forget that it was the former Minister and potential-Minister presently on probation, the Member for North Andros, who was accredited with having made the most ridiculous statement concerning Clifton Cay to a New York Times reporter, that he denied without much success.


Madame speaker, all of this has happened, over a matter that the overwhelming majority of people in the Bahamas have said no to. Madame speaker, the Member for North Abaco has gathered together all of the minority forces who stand to benefit from this project, to launch the most arrogant and asinine attack on a nation of people who say they are not willing to trade their heritage, their beachfront and their dignity to see more buildings that the most they will be able to do is work in them for slave wages.


Madame speaker, I am constantly stricken at the level of income this government is prepared to thrust on the people of the country, while they live ostentatiously off the same people who they try to make slaves out of. And for this Madame speaker, how does the FNM Party feel the Member for North Abaco should be handled?


 They bring forth a Hubert Ingraham Day, endorsing the maximum leader’s spiteful, mean-spirited, vile, repugnant and tom-like tyrannical rule over this country for the past eight years. Madame speaker, the most dangerous persons in the world are the ones who know they are slaves and are happy about it.


Madame speaker, it is astounding that in the view of overwhelming opposition to this project that this government would move forward gung-ho. Madame speaker, there is a view and one that is widely accepted as part of the nuances of government behavior and political realities, that groups and persons lobby political parties whether through money, investments or personal favors, to get things done in a country that they desire to operate in.


Madame speaker, this is a reality whether the lobbyists are legitimate or criminally minded. They want to know that they have the power of a government behind them. Madame speaker, I am not debating the right or the wrong of it, but just that it is a fact.


Madame speaker, we also know that the FNM government Members while in Opposition used as its plank to governance a premise that the former government was inundated with bag-men, who in turn represented sometimes nameless lobbyist, those lobbyist who sought favors from the government in exchange for party contributions and personal contributions. On this plank the FNM in Opposition called the previous government corrupt and one that was selling out the peoples birthright for a mess of porridge.


Madame speaker, this view found acceptance with more than 40plus percent of the people.


Madame speaker, following with that view that seemed so correct then; it now becomes relevant to ask that in the face of overwhelming dissent to the Clifton Cay project, if members of this government or their agents have received any prior consideration and tangible evidence that is causing this one-man government to move ahead at rapid speed down a dark tunnel that clearly has doomed spelled on its entrance?


Madame speaker, it is relevant to ask under these present circumstances, who, if anyone, got paid from some special interest group, whether Bahamians non-Bahamians or both, that is causing this government to turn a blind eye to the people? Who Madame speaker, has gone too far down the financial road with some special interest group that they are prepared to make the most unpopular decision of their political life?


Madame speaker, we have heard many complex views about why this government is prepared to give back land that we have already acquired. But sometimes Madame speaker, the answers are not complex but in fact are rather simple.


 And Madame speaker if the answer is money, then this member advises that the easiest way to avoid this disastrous resolution; this dastardly act that will disaffect the masses of voters, that will lead to the absolute despising of this government and that will lead to the Clifton Cay project having a worldwide stigma attached to it leaving it an undesirable place to live and an unprofitable venture; the easiest way to avoid all of this is to-- give the money back to the lobbyist that have helped this government sow this web of stupidity and deceit.


Madame speaker, if the government can give the land back, then why not give the money back to whoever paid off those who peddle their influence?


Madame speaker, it is only a logical premise that something untoward has transpired and it is only a logical conclusion that what ever exchanged hands to facilitate this obscene act we are debating today, should be reversed by giving the money back and saying sorry Mr. Lobbyist, but this is one thing we cannot successfully pull off.


 There is really no other position that can be taken, not unless of course we are dealing with a group of persons who are legally insane.




Madame speaker, before I close out my contribution, I believe that it is only fitting that some of the persons who have put forth a valiant effort toward what is right concerning Clifton Cay, that those persons are extended heartfelt thanks from the Bahamas. Madame speaker, because the persons are far too many and laborious to name at this time, I will however name a few.

·        Rev. C.B. Moss

·        The Coalition Opposed To Clifton Cay

·        Mrs. Sam Duncombe

·        Mr. Keod Smith

·        Ms. Nicki Kelly

·        Ms. Allyson Gibson

·        Dr. Thaddeus Mcdonald

·        Mr. Michael Stevenson, Vivian Wyhlly, Pericles Mallis,  Fred Munnings Jr. and our friends from abroad, such as,

·        Ms. Bev Smith of BET Network Television

·        Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition

·        Mr. Robert Kennedy Jr.


All of these persons and thousands of other Bahamians and foreign persons to numerous to mention, have done their part in sensitizing the world about the heritage at Clifton Pier and the tyranny of this government, as it exist in what was once a country ran on democratic principles.




Madame speaker the level of deceit that has operated in concert with all of those in favor of the project called Clifton Cay is nauseating for even the strongest supporter of the FNM. Madame speaker, one aspect that many have failed to recognize that will show this deceit comes from what the developers initially claimed.


Madame speaker, the Bechtel Corporation had initially pledged to bring $40 million dollars into the Bahamas. It was likewise claimed that the project would be invested in to the tune of $400million dollars. If this is true Madame speaker, this then begs the question of why the Chaffin Group was planning to borrow $35million from Bahamian Banks?


Madame speaker, are we to conclude that now that the Bechtel subsidiary, the Fremont Group, has because of pressure pulled out of the deal, that the $40million is gone and the $35million now takes its place? Madame speaker, that being the case, where is the $400 million coming from that was supposed to be put into this project that would supposedly benefit the Bahamian economy?


Madame speaker, I put it to you and this government that there was never any intention to invest $400 million dollars of foreign investor finances to insure the economic viability of this project. Madame speaker, I put it to you that these shysters always intended to borrow money from Bahamian banks, in order to get the project started and then sell lots, until the sum of $400million was received for their benefit, not the Bahamian economy.


It is the same old story Madame speaker with this FNM Government, let any one come to this country and collude with this government to make a bundle of money in lieu of jobs for Bahamians who this government and its backers feel are only qualified to slave for some privileged blacks, God-forsaken Uncle Tom’s and those who feel it is their divine right to possess and plunder this land and its people.


Madame speaker, on this note, I am compelled to ask, How much money was paid out and by whom to the adverse claimants in the dispute of who was the owners of the property at Clifton Pier, that was recently adjudicated by the Supreme Court of the Bahamas? What was the sum and was it paid by Nassauoak Ltd.? Was it Madame speaker paid by the proposed developers on behalf of Nassauoak Ltd.? Or is there an outstanding commitment to pay the adverse claimants?


Madame speaker, in the Member for North Abaco’s contribution to this debate, he said that, “Legally the government is unable to acquire property for a stated use and subsequently put to other usage.” Madame speaker, if one has to accept this on face value, then it begs the question of, if the government was seriously desirous of owning the land to establish a national park as has been suggested by the numerous experts and consultants, the government merely had to return the land in theory and at the sametime compulsorily reacquire the land immediately thereafter.


Madame speaker, this likewise speaks to the deviousness and short-sighted behavior of this government when it pertains to things that uplift a people and its culture. Fore we know that a national park will create fantastic and innovative jobs for all age groups of people, while thrusting this country on the world in a positive light and putting on display for the education and entertainment of Bahamians and foreigners alike, the things of our history, that stands us out as one of the best little countries in the world.


Madame speaker, the Jewish race have on display all over the world the tragedies of their people which has in most cases led to the improvement of their culture and the world’s sensitization of the horrors that man in his inhumanity to man can resort to. All of this they do Madam speaker in order to ensure it never happens again. But obviously Madame speaker, this government has no use for history, other than that which they can manipulate and create through shameful public relations.


Madame speaker, a question that needs to be answered is, does the Clifton Pier site qualify as an historic site under the Antiquities and Monuments Act? If it does, why are we engaged in this sham exercise today? Or why were we engaged in the sham act of passing the antiquities law?


Madame speaker, the Clifton Pier property was acquired under the Land Acquisition Act from Nassauoak Ltd., this resolution seeks to give it back. My conclusion, if my contribution up to this point hasn’t made it clear is that Nassauoak had to be in agreement for this to happen, otherwise it makes no sense.


Madame speaker, it would only make sense, if a deal has already been consummated, signed sealed and delivered for the developers to acquire the property on a back to back arrangement. Which has proven to be true by the Member for North Abaco’s pronouncement that he has now been informed that the developers have entered into an agreement to buy the property for $15 million and some other property for an additional $10 million.


Madame speaker, he has been informed? Madame speaker, when does the public decide to call a confirmed liar, exactly what he is- a liar? Madame speaker, what person in their right mind would agree to pay out $25 million dollars to a property owner, without knowing first if the government will approve the project the developer proposes? What would the developer had done, if by some miracle, God Almighty would have paid an unprecedented call on the heart of the Member for North abaco, to entreat him to reverse his decision? Would the Member have told God, it is too late, I am too deep in the pants pocket? But what if he did change his mind, what would the developers have done, without having prior knowledge.


Madame speaker, the proposed developer could only agree to invest, if they had the approval from the Bahamas Government and the National Economic Council in advance, who I understand has several members on it who don’t even know when projects are approved, unless the Member for North Abaco decides to be merciful and inform them of a decision?


Madame speaker, it being logical that the developers had approval in advance, brings us to another logical conclusion; that the government, Nassauoak Ltd. and the developers worked out a deal in advance, thereby proving that the Member for North Abaco’s deceitful assertion that he is “washing his hands of the matter” was nothing more than a show of contempt for the Bahamian masses that he has exhibited since he became the maximum leader.


Well Madame speaker, to all of this I say, the devil is a liar and no matter how many times we may want to believe him, Jesus has already told us that the truth is not in him. This resolution is a shameful display of governance by lunacy. Never Madame speaker, have I seen in my 18 years in this Parliament such a devilishly motivated piece of legislation come to this place.


Madame speaker, this resolution is morally wrong and has to be condemned. I entreat the able and legal minds of this country to come to the rescue of the dignity of the Bahamian people, to seek to have this matter overturned by the courts and if necessary, all the way to the Privy Council.


 Up to this point Madame speaker, I have only heard Barrister’s Keod Smith, Damian Gomez and Senator Fred Mitchell weigh in on this issue about Clifton Cay and the actions of this renegade government. We must hear from all lawyers in this country on this matter.


Madame speaker, no foreigner or Bahamian should be allowed to rape and pillage the national treasure at Clifton Pier. They do not have the right and we in this place and the people at large should not allow it to happen.


Madame speaker, we must bring an end to the madness of this alpha and omega in our midst, either through the courts or the ballet box.


Madame speaker, it has been said that the voice of the people is the voice of God, and in this case of destroying our history and heritage, if this government does not listen to God through the voice of the people, then rest assured that God Himself will descend upon this land and do to the wicked rulers of this Bahamas, that which has been their destiny since the foundation of the world.


Madame speaker, since this government refuses to hear from the people then it only leaves for them to hear directly from God. I can only hope that the government members are able to live in eternity based on God’s judgement of what they are doing here today, for we know that God considers it an abomination to move the people’s ancient landmark.