We reprint here what we believe to be the applicable law on copyright with regard to this column and the use of information and photos from the press. We will keep this policy as a permanent click-on at the copyright notice at the top of the column as of 14th January, 2001. Section 57 Copyright Act: For the purposes of this Part, "sufficient acknowledgement" means an acknowledgement identifying the work in question by its title or other description and identifying author. Section 59: Subject to section 60, fair dealing with a protected work- a) for the purposes of criticism, comment, parody or review, or b) for the purpose of reporting current events, does not infringe copyright in the work so long as it is accompanied by sufficient acknowledgement… Section 60: For the purpose of determining whether an act done in relation to a work constitutes fair dealing, the court determining the question shall take account of all factors which appear to it to be relevant including- a) the nature of the work in question; b) the amount an substantiality of that part of the work affected by the act in relation to the whole work c) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature for non-profit educational purposes; and d) the effect of the act upon the potential market for, or the commercial value of the work. We trust that claimants will bear this in mind to avoid extortionate claims being made for alleged infringements of copyright.