The Funeral Of

Archdeacon William Thompson

A Photo Essay... photographs by Peter Ramsay

Members of the Lunch Bunch of which the Archdeacon was a senior member and driving force. The Lunch Bunch held a special service for him on Tuesday 27 June. They have established a 10,000 dollar reward for anyone who can supply information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer.


PRIESTS IN MOURNING - Venerable Archdeacon Ranfurly Brown (head down) comforted by Rev'd. Fr. Harry Bain (behind in sunshades) and Rev'd. Fr. James Moultrie join Reverend Fathers Charles Simmons and Tyrone McKenzie at the graveside. Venerable Archdeacon Keith Cartwright and Rev'd. Fr. Stephen Davies are shown in profile in the foreground.




From left :

1. PROCESSION - A parade of mourners following the casket of Archdeacon Thompson up Market Street Hill heading into Gregory Arch.

2. ACW - Anglican Church Women on the march of mourning preceding the Archdeacon's funeral.

3. ST. JOHN'S & FREEPORT HIGH - Students of the various schools of the Anglican Central Education Authority of which the Archdeacon was the Chairman from its inception also joined in the huge procession mourning his death.

CATHEDRAL - Dean Patrick Adderley of the Christ Church Cathedral leads pallbearers bringing the remains into the Cathedral for the start of the week's observances on Thursday, 29 June.

DEPUTY GG - Deputy to the Governor General Geoffrey Johnstone CMG looks on as Archdeacon Thompson's casket is brought into St. Agnes Anglican Church for the funeral service.




LEAVING THE CATHEDRAL - The casket of Archdeacon Thompson leaves Christ Church Cathedral for the last time on its way to ST. Agnes Church for burial. Among those in the foreground is the representative of the Greek Orthodox Church in the traditional black headdress.

PRIESTS-IN-TRAINING - Anglican Priests in training are shown on the procession of mourning.






LADY PINDLING - Marguerite, the Lady Pindling Wife of former Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling joins mourners at the graveside. In the foreground is Michelle Fox of ZNS News who was particularly close to Archdeacon and Mrs. Thompson.

LEADING - Father Andrew Toppin, also a son of St. Agnes parish is shown with Archdeacon Thompson's biretta leading the procession with the body to St. Agnes.






A perspective of the graveside at the funeral of the Archdeacon.

Senior Acolyte Rafael Cartwright, father of Archdeacon Keith Cartwright seen in partial view at right, bids an emotional farewell as the body is lowered.



ALTAR BOYS - Age was no barrier in mourning the loss of Archdeacon Thompson, as shown by these altar boys waiting to pay their respects.

IN THE SACRISTY - White christhanthemums adorn the altar at St. Agnes as the body of Venerable Archdeacon Thompson lies at the start of the service of burial.




SENATORS - These Senators were among the thousands who joined in the outpouring of grief for Archdeacon Thompson. From left are Senators Marcus Bethel, Fred Mitchell and Edwin 'Vikey' Brown.

BROTHERLY FAREWELL - Bishop Gilbert Thompson at centre bids farewell to his brother, Archdeacon Thompson. Bishop Thompson is flanked by from left Senior Acolyte Rafael Cartwright, Archdeacon Ranfurly Brown and Canon Warren Rolle.

Farewell from Mrs. Rose Thompson at the graveside.



Coroner Winston Saunders and Dr. Gail Saunders Director of the Archives were amongst the mourners at the official service on Friday 30 June at the Christ Church Cathedral.

Bishop Neil Ellis speaking at the official service.

Representatives of the Methodist and Greek Orthodox communities at the official service.

Idris Reid, Diocesan Commentator and Chairman of the Anglican Broadcasting Commission along with Anthony Delaney of ZNS. ZNS provided live television and radio coverage of the service.

The body of the Venerable Archdeacon William Thompson, laid out in Christ Church Cathedral.


Evangelist Rex Major speaking the official service on Friday 30 June.

DPMs - Former Deputy Prime Ministers Sir Clement Maynard (centre) and Arthur Hanna were among the mourners.

GG - Former Governor-General Sir Gerald Cash pays respects to the widow Thompson in St. Agnes church at the funeral 1 July.


Amongst the mourners were Mr. E.J. Bowe, Undersecretary in the public service, Max Gibson and his wife Allyson Maynard Gibson and Evangelist Tom Roberts.